SHOWS 2017:

The 7th Annual Shiprock & Anchordog Musical: Shiprock & Anchordog Get Energized

Two shows: Saturday 8/12/17 and Sunday 8/13/17, at 2pm at the Hilltown Charter School in Easthampton. The shows are for all ages and will feature an ensemble cast of local kids. 

This year, Shiprock and her best friend Anchordog will have to deal with an enormous refugee crisis. Because of a forest fire, many animals are streaming onto the farm from the forest and the dogs have to figure out how to build a sustainable, self-reliant city. In order to take care of every displaced creature, Shiprock & Anchordog and friends have to innovate quickly. They use solar panels, rainwater collectors, vertical farms, creative tree housing, as well as social technologies like democracy, storytelling and myth-making, to help their animal pals.

Shiprock Jeremy Snowy Evan.jpg
                                                                                    Birdie Bunny Photography

                                                                                    Birdie Bunny Photography