TGIM! Out of gratitude, I'd like to share some new and old music with you! All songs on this site are written and performed by Shiprock & Anchordog for all ages.



SHIPROCK & ANCHORDOG INCLUDE EVERYONE  (2015) This album was crowdfunded in 2015, thanks to 81 people who backed the project online, in a flurry of mini-grants. We included voice recordings made over the phone with over 30 kids and adults. All songs are written, performed, recorded and mixed by Evan Curran and Courtney Parker. Mastered by Dan Richardson. Track 9 additional personnel: Josh Sitron on production and synths; Snowy Lajoie on production and vocals; Jesse French on banjo; Jeff Lewis on mandolin.


A music video by our director friend Lindsay Van Dyke for our song "Blueberries". Her vision of giant blueberries was so awesome...


SO RAPTUROUS __ The road was long. We traveled far to find a place for us. The life we built beneath shining stars, so rapturous. I come from dry land. Cities lie beneath the sand, their stories long forgotten fabrics, tattered strands. Time easily absorbs life spans. A slow pressure pushes the horizon as air expands, straining against the dunes. The sunlight hits they shine like gold doubloons. Plants fold and no flowers bloom. A dust surrounds that can't be swept up by brooms. In the sun's heat don't try to find a bite to eat. In the daytime you just have yourself a seat. I'm nocturnal. Tonight I'll write up in my journal about how my words exploded like they were popcorn kernels. Cooked by the sun's rays, I'm afraid they might dry up and blow away. The road was long. We traveled far to find a place for us. The life we built beneath shining stars, so rapturous. I'm sitting atop a soggy clump of moss, my silk throne, chewing on homophones and crumbly milk bones. I engineer a rhyme like it's a sturdy well-built home, digging the foundation deep down in the silt loam. Soil so rich and fertile, we're growing yummy thoughts and ideas for all the rabbits and turtles. Our beats are tight like a girdle, they will squeeze you. The rhythm give you an itch the way that fleas do. I'll get you moving like we're playing tag and I unfreeze you. The feeling that you just gotta boogie it never leaves you. And when we revel, we take it to the next level. A celebration of an infinite duration. We're in a new paradigm. A slow steady climb. All things are getting better and better just give it time. We're planting our ideas in the ground in tidy lines. Even rows. Garden grove so sublime. Little developing buds peek out of the dirt and grime. Tiny vines touch sky intertwined.  The road was long. We traveled far to find a place for us. The life we built beneath shining stars, so rapturous. 

TRUST ME __ I wanna come down: down off of the shelf. I just wanna be like everyone else. They'd accept me, and love me like a relative. To know and be known, that's how I wanna live. They'd trust me, and I would always be true. To love and be loved, that's what I wanna do. I wanna fit in. Oh, I wish that I could. Even just for a day. That would feel so good. I'd find my place, just like a puzzle piece. To see and be seen, that's how I wanna be. They'd trust me, and I would always be true. To love and be loved, that's what I wanna do.

HELP THEM ALL __ It's a lot to hold: The pain of others mixing with your own and hardening slow. The weight of many sits down in your bones. And that same bond that makes love possible can spread you so thin. Your energy gone, sometimes you just want to take all of it in and make it go away. Make it go away because it's breaking you in two. Make it go away because you've seen more than you want to. It's wearing you down. It's making you feel, so, you want to help them all, every single lost soul. Seems impossible to do, a silly hopeless goal. But if you reach a single one, you could make the whole world change. Once it's begun, love spreads like a match flame. So share your light. Focus on somebody who's been needing your glow. The flame ignites. The blaze inside of both of you will steadily grow. And in good time, the spark that you provided will yield a few more. And down the line, many souls have light where there was none before. And it will not go away. It will not go away because it's permanent truth. It will not go away because you feel love and it changes you, it's making you whole again. It's making you feel, so, you want to help them all, every single lost soul. Seems impossible to do, a silly hopeless goal. But if you reach a single one, you could make the whole world change. Once it's begun, love spreads like a match flame.

DEER SPIRIT GODDESS __ Cari, we hope you can hear. We need you desperately now, my dear. There's a problem at hand. Surely you know this, you understand. You've helped us before. Now we are asking for help once more. We don't know what to do. Dear spirit goddess, we turn to you. You're our last hope. Cari we need you now! We need you to come here! So come help us out, we can't do it by ourselves. We've seen you in dreams. Your light comes down through the trees it gleams. There's a problem at hand. Surely you know this, you understand. You've helped us before. Now we are asking for help once more. We don't know what to do. Dear spirit goddess, we turn to you. You're our last hope.

WE'LL RISE __ Talking 'bout difference? I say that we're all the same. Nearly identical. Reaching in our familiar ways. Do you realize we originated in one place? Do you see yourself reflected when you look into my face? 'Cause I see you, and we've been connected to each other since the world began. Just try to feel it, you don't even have to understand. Hold on tight to me as the universe expands. Believe me, we'll rise, we'll rise; show no signs of stopping at all. We'll pick up the whole world with us, so we don't have far to fall. Wishing you could be loved; my friend, you already are. You fit in perfectly to a pattern that's been written in the stars. Do you realize that I'll cherish you no matter what you do? Do you see yourself as a beautiful expression of pure truth?

FUZZY LINES __ You got horns on top of your head. Thick white fur and creepy pointy fangs. 8 feet tall, I know you're well fed. Hungry monster eating everything. But in your heart there is a deep love. Hits me so hard when you look at me. Lets me know what you are made of. Quiet tenderness and empathy. You're a monster, but I know that we could be good friends so I say... Our fuzzy lines overlap so many times that I can't tell where I end and you begin. As we ride in this ancient cosmic tide, they call you monster. I prefer to call you a friend. You came onto our plot of land. We didn't know what to do with you. Cari helped us to understand showing kindness is the thing to do. We give you fruit that we grew ourselves. We will eat together happily. A loving action is a magic spell. It binds us both for all eternity. 

DESERT DOGS __ Shiprock went out one day, but she couldn't find anything to eat, so she stayed a hungry dog, and I dont think theres anything worse! She returned to Anchordog, and said, “We gotta get out of this desert! There's nothing to eat but bugs, and the occasional dead animal." Anchordog agreed at once: he said, "We should move in an eastward direction. I think that's the way to go. Let's get packed. We can leave later tonight." So those dogs packed their bags, said goodbye to their friends and slung their packs over their doggy backs. They walked for a long time, miles and miles 'til they came to a pair of seemingly endless train tracks. And just then a train came chuggin along. They decided to run along beside the train. (Dogs move fast because they've got four legs.) And they hopped aboard with ease into a freight car with people inside. The dogs were met with smiles. These people were happy for company, especially the canine kind. They were train-hoppin, dog-lovin folk. A woman said, “Hey, I'm June.  You dogs must be tired and hungry. We've got us some sweet popcorn so sit right down and finish it off." So those dogs sat down, and they dug right in. They ate popcorn 'til they were uncomfortably full. Later that night as they lay their heads down to rest the dogs heard a sweet sound coming in through the window. The train engineer was singing her song…

THE ENGINEER __ When I was young, all the people said, “You're always playing with toy trains. Why don't you go play with your dolls instead?” I didn't listen to them. Late at night I would climb out of bed, making decisions and issuing instructions to the railroad crew that lived in my head. I'm glad that I did, because my hard work paid off. I didn't listen to the people who would gossip and laugh and scoff. I'm proud of the work that I do, and I keep my head aloft. My hard work paid off... And I'm an engineer. Driving trains, I'm driving trains. But not just any train… I'm driving this train. I'm happy to drive this train for you! It's my most favoritest thing to do. But not just any train… I'm drivin this one.

SHIPRAP __ Wassup wassup! I'm a rappin pup! I spit rhymes so clever make your ears prick up. The best of all breeds, I'm proud to be a mutt. If I see you on the street then I'ma probably sniff your butt. That's how I get your profile. If you're sittin there with no smile, I'll put one on your face when I step to the mic and go wild. Won't gloat, got a nice fur coat. I prefer to have all-natural fur. It's more precious than gold, frankincense, and myrrh combined. You need a party record? Then play mine! The funkiest MC, also a K9. Ok fine, I might take a nibble of the canned wet-food or the dry-bag kibble. But I'm a hound who likes food from the ground: It's not organic? You'll probably put me in a panic. I'm not picky, I just can't flow with the chemical additive or mutant GMO. Don't give me food that's processed, I just wanna gobble it raw, that's the best! Something that my body can digest. Yes! We're on a quest for food security. Want our food to be a surety, the best purity. We dream of eating tasty food endlessly. I'm going to make it real for Anchordog and me. We're riding this train with new companions, coasting over canyons. Our path cuts through burning sand.  Rolling into a new life, so we're celebrating with a jam session banging on these garbage cans! We've got the largest band: it's all the creatures who be shimmying in the deep sea and dancing on  the land. And the birds up in the air, flap your wings like you just don't care! Hungry in the desert, all we ever got was thinner… Biggie please! We'd LOVE to eat sardines for dinner! Chewing on the groove, breaking it down like enzyme, I skillfully reconstruct it, merging rhythm with dense rhyme. It bends time. When you finally hear the beat, my lyrics are already halfway down the street. It's time to eat! Like pavlov's pups, my tongue secretes saliva as the dinner bell rings so sweet. Now where did I bury that bone? I could have sworn that it was two steps after the tree and a right at the pine cone. That's too bad I guess that suppertime is gonna have to be postponed while I head with Anchordog out into the great unknown. We're looking  to find a new place where two friendly dogs can live. We don't need much but we've got a whole lot to give. We'll lay down roots in the sandy loam when we find a place to call our home.

THE DOGS AT SEA __ The dogs came to an ocean. They walked along the shore. They found a yellow sailboat and matching set of oars. Sailboats are not designed for creatures on all fours. But they managed to make it work, and they set an eastward course. Growing up in the desert, the dogs had only seen the ocean in their minds, but out here, afloat upon the waves, they were taking to the water just fine. They sailed away. Those dogs, they sailed away.
So come on Anchordog, show all the dogs of the world what you're made of!
So come on Shiprock, show all the dogs of the world what you're made of!

Our friends knew a storm was coming. Canine senses told them far in advance.
They pulled the sail in and strapped down their supplies. They just hoped their small boat had a small chance. The waves grew fifty feet high that night! Boat & dogs were tossed & turned upside-down. They clung tight and tried to think of nice things: Squirrel-chase, back rub, dry ground…
The dogs woke up wet the next morning. They had run into an island in the night.
While their boat was in several pieces, they had each other so everything was alright.
They walked along the shore. They thought they might as well explore.

ONE PUP MIND __ Your scent is unique. I'm transported as I nuzzle your cheek to a time when we were both pups. Nobody was there to take care of us. Each meal we share is a blessing that keeps me aware of how much you taught me 'bout finding food. To survive in the desert is hard to do. You'll always run in my pack. I love you Shiprock and I know that you love me right back.
You give me strength that I lack. I love you Shiprock and I know that you love me right back.

Our thoughts are entwined. We're two pup bodies with one pup mind. I feel your pain. I live your joy… Your satisfaction as you gnaw on a chew toy. At night as we keep each other warm, I think on how this bond was formed, and I know that through all of infinite time I'll be in your heart and you'll be in mine.

CARI __ Cari is our protector. Did you know? She fights dragons and monsters. Did you know?
Kinda tough fighting monsters; it's hard. But she's got a whole forest to guard.
She'll keep us safe. I know that Cari will keep us safe. And she don't mind at all.
Cari's sorcery helps her defeat foes. She can make the plants and the trees grow.
With a word she makes branches stretch and bend. You'll be fortunate to count her as a friend.
Cari's power and strength comes from deep down…From the tree roots that reach into cold ground. With the plants and trees on her side, all the monsters had best run and hide.

THE RIGHT ROAD __ The dogs became aware that they were being wrapped in a faint glow. As they walked forward through the trees it began to grow. Right there, in the middle of the wood where the ground was clear, They saw an outline of light in the shape of a deer. She said: “Hello Anchordog, hello Shiprock. You dogs must be tired; you've had a long way to walk. I see everything in these woods, I know you've been looking for me. Cari is my name… and I'm the deer you wanna see. You dogs have been looking for the right road! You'll find out that you can't reap 'til you learn how to sow. Now I'm gonna cast a spell to make you sleep to dream. Let your thought forms flow like a trickling stream. The vision you receive will plant a seed in your fertile mind. The seed will sprout and grow into a powerful idea in time.” The dogs lay down. In a bed of leaves they felt tiredness creep. They descended down into a tranquil sleep. The dream that they had that night was so vivid, it was almost real. The dogs found themselves sitting in the middle of a blueberry field.

BLUEBERRIES __ How many blueberries do you have in your basket? I have an abundance if you want some! How many blueberries do you have in your basket? I have an abundance if you'd like to try some! I would like to sample a blueberry from your basket. Take a few, take as many as you can eat! How many blueberries could you eat in one week? I’d eat 20,000 of them easily! How many blueberries could you eat annually? I think I'd eat 1,000,000 but I guess we'll have to see. How many blueberries could you eat in all of infinite time? I could eat infinity! I think that it would be real nice of you to give some blueberries to me. I'll share with you as many blueberries as stars in the sky, and it'll be hard to eat that many but we'll try. I heard that blueberries are a superfood. Yeah! Super good, super tasty, super good-for-you! Oh I eat them all the time! You should too! They're very good for you! That's really cool what you do for me my good friend: give some blueberries to me.

PELICANS __ The dogs thought the island almost felt like home as they hunted for fish in the sea foam with their new friends, a pelican pair… But their home was not here, it was out there. So they asked their pelican friends to fly them somewhere far away from the island. The birds were sad, but of course they readily agreed. They said “we'll take you anywhere that you dogs need.” With heavy hearts knowing their time together would soon end, Each dog climbed into the beak of a bird friend. With double dogs inside big, beautiful bird-beaks, two days of flying quickly turned into two weeks. Til finally they spotted farmland ahead… A place where the dogs would always be fed. You might think they're just dogs. That's a fallacy! Each is riding in a birds mouth. Pelicans have brought these dogs over the sea. Friends will always help you out! Dogs were on a quest for food security. Now they finally found a farm! Fresh carrots and celery, grown sustainably. Herbs are hanging in their barn.

WORK THE LAND __ Well those dogs, they are so happy now that they've finally found a farm to call their own. And if you want to know where your food comes from, you'll have to go to where it's grown. I remember when the dogs were young. They would sweat through the pads of their feet and also their tongues. Those dogs dig with their paws! They don't use hands when they plant their seeds and work the land. Those dogs! Those dogs! They are so happy now that they finally found a farm to call their own!